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Monthly Membership Benefits & Promo Codes




All members of Hit Storm Ads get Monthly Membership Benefits

This is not automatic and you must be active and reading your emails from admin. 

Admin will send once a month between the 1st and the 10th an email to all membership levels separately that will contain a PROMO CODE. It is therefore your choice to redeem the promo code. We have opted this way to prevent our database filled up with empty ads that users don't use. 

It is vital to note this Promo Code for the Monthly Membership Benefits will expire at the end of the month in which it was send out. Example: You receive the Monthly Membership Benefits Promo code in an email on the 4th of January, the Promo Code will therefore expire 31st of January. 


Monthly Membership Benefits - CLICK HERE




To redeem your Promo Code is very easy.  Log into your account, click on Setup Advertising and submit the Promo code where it says Redeem Promo Code.

Any Promo Code received (by email or on site) will have an expiry date set by admin. For example the Free Ad Pack when you signup will expire when 500 Members was signed up to Hit Storm Ads or the Monthly Membership Benefits Promo Code will expire at month end of the same month the code was send to members. 

Admin may from time to time add and remove special promo codes that is hidden in advertising pages or somewhere in the site.  You are an Active Member and Winner when you have found it. 

To Redeem Promo Codes - CLICK HERE

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