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Content of Solo Ads (Regular Solo Ads, Hp Solo Ads, Cash Solo Ads and Hp Cash Solo ads) MUST BE WRITTEN IN ENGLISH so that all members and the admin can read and understand it.

Solo Ads may not contain any hyperlinks or URL'S in the body or subjects.

Subject of Solo Ads may not contain any special characters or currency symbols

Admin do not have the time to edit and correct member Solo Ads, if your ad don't comply to our terms and contain hyperlinks in the body or symbols in the subject or is not in English then it will be deleted and one blank Solo Ad will be send back to you. 


All Ads, Regular Solo Ads and Cash Solo Ads will be approved within a few hours after approval during support hours (08:00-17:00 Server Time SAST UTC+2) and added to the queue to be send out. 

One Regular Solo Ad is send out every 2 hours to our members. It can take a few hours up to days (up to 5) for your approved solo ads to go out. This depends on high demand and the number of ads in the sending queue.

All Cash Solo Ads, HP Solo Ads and HP Cash Solo Ads will be approved and send out within a few minutes after approval and don't join the sending queue. It is recommended to submit a Cash Solo Ad or HP Solo Ad or HP Cash Solo ad if you need to send out an urgent Ad to the members i.e an offer that expire today or the next day.

To be fair to other members and to ensure everyone's solo ads is viewed, you need to read/view their solo ads in order to post your own

Minimum Solo Ads To Read Per Membership Level:

Pro Members - Must read/view 5 Solo Ads

JV Members
 - Must read/view 3 Solo Ads

SJV Members
 - Must read/view 0 Solo Ad

Remember that you can also view solo ads from within members area. Just click on "Earn|Solo Ads" in Members Area. New members will have to start with solo ads in members area if no Member Solo Ads was received in their email inbox for the day.

If there is not enough Solo Ads for the day to read for your membership level you will have to wait for members to post some or you can submit one of the following ads that is not joining the sending queue:  

1. Cash Solo Ads

2. High Priority Solo Ads (HP Solo Ads)

3. High Priority Cash Solo Ads (HPC Solo Ads)

4. Set-N_Forget Solo Ads

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